Bartering Palestine for Research

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Mayssun Succarie

Palestinian Farmers: A Last Stronghold of Resistance

Al-Shabaka Policy Brief
Vivien Sansour,
Alaa Tartir

Israel’s West Bank Operation: Causes & Consequences

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Mouin Rabbani

What's Stopping the 3rd Intifada?

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Jamil Hilal

Israel’s repression of Palestinians has never been as great as it is today. With no political solution in sight, the possibility of a 3rd Intifada in the Occupied Palestinian Territory seems inevitable. However, Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Jamil Hilal is doubtful and highlights other powerful forces that make a 3rd Intifada unlikely to happen soon.

Palestinian Dead End Highlights the Right of Return

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Randa Farah

The Palestinian people must hold the Palestinian leadership accountable for the persistent failure of negotiations. As Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Randa Farah argues, the PLO/PA should not replace different forms of resistance to the occupation with unlimited negotiations while finding itself under pressure to actively work to halt other acts of resistance simply for these negotiations to continue – and should remember the centrality of the right of return.

Oslo: Replacing Liberation with Economic Neo-Colonialism

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Khalil Nakhleh

The neo-liberal policies associated with Oslo have gradually laid waste to the Palestinian struggle for liberation. Advanced by a coalition of transnational development agencies, Israeli occupation actors, and Palestinian capitalists and political elites, this “economic neo-colonization of Palestine,” argues Al-Shabaka guest author Khalil Nakhleh, must be met with a “People-Centered Liberationist Development” strategy that develops and empowers indigenous resources aimed at securing all Palestinian rights.

An Illegitimate Leadership Can Sign Away Rights

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Zachariah Sammour

As Palestine Liberation Organization chairman Mahmoud Abbas heads to Washington to meet U.S. President Barack Obama, Palestinians are fast approaching a critical juncture in the U.S.-driven negotiations with Israel. Al-Shabaka Policy Member Zachariah Sammour warns of the grave implications and urges an immediate and sustained response by all Palestinians, including those in the Diaspora who may stand to lose their historic claim of return to the homeland.

What Role for Law in the Palestinian Struggle for Liberation?

Al-Shabaka Policy Brief
Noura Erakat

Palestinians are divided over whether law can serve a positive function in their quest for self-determination. Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Noura Erakat argues that law’s value is wholly contingent on the broader political framework that gives it meaning. She proposes that Palestinians adopt a complementary approach that includes using the law when justice can be served and political avenues when the law itself entrenches unjust outcomes.

NGOs vs. Grassroots Movements: A False Dichotomy

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Fateh Azzam

Are people’s movements intrinsically superior to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or is there a role for different types of organizations in the Palestinian civil society spectrum? Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Fateh Azzam reviews some of the recent critiques of NGOs in favor of popular movements. He discusses the issues of representation, agendas, and funding, among others, and argues that there is room for all.

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