Under Siege: Remembering Leningrad, Surviving Gaza

Al-Shabaka Roundtable
Ayah Bashir,
Esther Rappaport

The Customs Union and Israel’s No-State Solution

Al-Shabaka Policy Brief
Amal Ahmad

PLO/Palestine: Time to Stop Buying Time

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Nadia Hijab,
Diana Buttu

Donor Complicity in Israel's Violations of Palestinian Rights

Al-Shabaka Policy Brief
Nora Lester Murad

What Forces Shape the Palestinians of Gaza?

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Randa Farah

Despite the horrific death and destruction that Israel visited upon Gaza, it was not able to achieve its aims, due in part to a unified stand by Palestinian resistance factions. Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Randa Farah draws parallels to a 13th century battle in examining the forces, past and present, that have shaped the Palestinians of Gaza and sets the Palestinian cause in its regional context.

Drying Palestine: Israel’s Systemic Water War

Al-Shabaka Policy Brief
Muna Dajani

Israel’s targeting of water infrastructure during the latest Gaza onslaught has caught global attention, but much less noticed is the systemic water war that has been waged on Palestinian populations for decades. Tracing its three different battlefronts, Al-Shabaka Member and environmental researcher Muna Dajani looks at how military strikes, security programs, and permit systems have been destroying Palestinian water infrastructure and local resource-management systems, and calls for change.

Another Casualty of Israel’s Wars: Palestinians’ Right to Education

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Aimee Shalan,
Samer Abdelnour

Palestinian educational institutions, faculty, and students have not been spared the violence of Israel’s military crackdown across the Occupied Palestinian Territory this summer. Campus raids, the confiscation of student property, and airstrike damage to schools are just some examples of Israel’s recent acts of aggression against education. Al-Shabaka Guest Author Aimee Shalan and Policy Advisor Samer Abdelnour highlight the systematic nature of these attacks and the need to reaffirm Palestinians’ right to education. About the photograph: The attack on Palestinian education is systemic. Portrayed here is a Gaza school hit in a previous Israeli assault.

Bartering Palestine for Research

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Mayssun Succarie

All eyes are focused on the bloodshed in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, but the civil war in Syria continues to rage, making Shatila Refugee Camp in Lebanon – yet again – a destination for Palestinians and others fleeing conflict. Such collective tragedies have made Shatila one of the most heavily researched communities in the world. Policy Member Mayssun Succarie examines the negative impact that over-research has had and concludes that sometimes conducting no new research is the most appropriate response.

Palestinian Farmers: A Last Stronghold of Resistance

Al-Shabaka Policy Brief
Vivien Sansour,
Alaa Tartir

Israel's brutal crackdowns on Palestinians living under its occupation dominate the news, but other longer-term trends are equally worrying. The Palestinian Authority is confiscating more and more land from Palestinian farmers in order to build industrial zones, which strips farmers of their right to grow their own food and further increases Palestinian dependency on Israel. Al-Shabaka Guest Author Vivien Sansour and Al-Shabaka Program Director Alaa Tartir argue that sustained community efforts are needed to preserve one of the most important elements of resistance that Palestinians have.

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