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Palestinians in a Jewish State

Nadim Nashif
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"It is illogical for a country with mixed demographics to define itself on the identity of just one sector of society," writes Nadim Nashif with coauthor Gareth Bridgewater. "The Obama administration should take every opportunity to remind [Benjamin] Netanyahu that the United States takes equal rights very seriously."

Under lockdown, Palestinians in Gaza fear the worst

Haidar Eid
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It has been widely reported that the Palestinian Authority (PA), bereft of a mandate in the West Bank, has succumbed to the pressure from the US administration insisting it return to negotiations. However, little has been said of the PA's counterpart in Gaza.

The Oslo Accords: A critique

Haidar Eid
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In order to understand the Oslo Accords and the extreme damage they have wreaked upon the Palestinian cause, one needs a historical contextualisation of the so-called "peace process".

A Peek Inside Kerry’s ‘Peace’ Efforts Or Propaganda?

Sam Bahour
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Al-Shabaka policy advisor Sam Bahour translates a recent unverified leak about the peace talks that indicates major, very worrying, Palestinian concessions to Israel and the U.S. Bahour analyses the impact on the Palestinians and the region if the leak has any truth in it.

Four Rules for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

Alaa Tartir
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Alaa Tartir, Al-Shabaka Program Director, discusses four rules for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, arguing that “for peace talks to succeed, negotiators must have a popular mandate. It is essential to build up a legitimate national body that represents all Palestinians ... Otherwise, peace will be another form of colonialism wrapped up in modernity.”

Post Oslo Accords (Forbi Oslo-avtalen)

Dag Herbjørnsrud
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Ny Tid ("New Time") is Norway's first and only weekly news magazine:

Israel-Palestine: real estate factor

Yekaterina Kudashkina
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Program Director Alaa Tartir discusses the current round of peace talks with Gershon Baskin, founder of the Israeli Palestinian Center of Research and Information, and Dr. George Giacaman, Co-Founder and General Director of The Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy in Ramallah. Tartir argues that "real estate projects" are a product of the economic peace paradigm and an excellent example for the corrupted marriage between economy and politics.

Peace talks: The missing Palestinians

Samer Abedlnour
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There are many advocates of the renewed US-sponsored peace talks between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organisation, despite widespread scepticism. One particularly active set of advocates is the group known as The Elders. Three of the Elders - former US President Jimmy Carter, former President of Finland Martti Ahtisaari, and former Algerian Foreign Minister and freedom fighter Lakhdar Brahimi - recently spent time in Washington and London making the case for the peace talks.

The peace talks and Palestinian representation: in conversation with Osamah Khalil

Sarah Marusek
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After much political drama and media fanfare, US Secretary of State John Kerry's efforts to rekindle "peace talks" between Israel and Palestine finally commenced this week with a meeting in Washington D.C. between the Israeli justice minister, Tzipi Livni, and Palestinian chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat.