What Palestinians Need

Nadia Hijab
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"Palestinians don’t need more aid. They need American political clout to end the occupation as the first step to a just and lasting peace."

“Oil. Religion. Occupation. ... A Combustible Mix.”

Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Victor Kattan secured the release of new documents under the United Kingdom’s Freedom of Information Act. One revelation is that Israel may already be exploiting oil in the occupied Palestinian territories. As one official noted, this will make it even harder for Britain to justify aid for a land that could be self-reliant if it were free – further evidence of the need to push for an end to Israel’s occupation not pay for it.

The Gas Fields off Gaza: A Gift or a Curse?

The Egyptian-Israeli gas deal has come unstuck, partly due to the artificially low price Israel was paying for it. Will this help the Palestinians, whose gas fields off the coast of Gaza remain undeveloped and hostage to Israeli demands to be sold the gas at ludicrously low prices? Al-Shabaka Program Director Victor Kattan tells the little-known story of the struggle to develop the gas fields off Gaza and its implications for the prospects of any form of independent economic development under conditions of military occupation.

Defeating Dependency, Creating a Resistance Economy

Al-Shabaka Policy Brief
Alaa Tartir,
Sam Bahour,
Samer Abdelnour

In an important recent piece - Economic Hallucination - Ramallah-based Al-Shabaka policy advisor Sam Bahour exposed the charade played by both Western donors and the Palestinian Authority (PA) to cover up the occupied territory’s inexorable economic meltdown after decades of Israeli military occupation. Arguing that the combined donor-PA approach poses major obstacles to freedom and rights, Bahour concluded: “It’s time for a new economic model, one built on economic justice, social welfare, solidarity, and sustainability.” What would such an economic model look like and how can Palestinians living under occupation move from today’s grim reality to an economy that sustains the quest for self-determination? Al-Shabaka policy advisors Alaa Tartir and Samer Abdelnour join Bahour to debate these questions and explore alternatives.

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