Modest but Powerful Activism for Palestinian-Origin Jordanian Rights

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Oraib Rantawi,
Oroub el-Abed

Palestinian-origin Jordanians are a large and increasingly marginalized community in Jordan, whose rights to education, nationality, and political participation have been eroded. Oraib Rantawi and Oroub el-Abed discuss initiatives by Palestinian-origin Jordanians for equal rights – and responsibilities – in the Kingdom, as part of a growing movement for citizens’ rights energized by the Arab uprisings.

Palestinians on the Road to Damascus

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Ahmad Diab

In this evocative and moving piece, Al-Shabaka Policy Member Ahmad Diab provides a lived description of what it is like to be a Palestinian in Syria: The permanent sense of a temporary existence, the impact of dictatorship on Palestinian-Syrian relations as well as on Palestinian political development, and the diverse roles Palestinians are playing – and the price they are paying – in the current revolution.

Uneasy but Necessary: The UNRWA-Palestinian Relationship

Al-Shabaka Policy Brief
Randa Farah

In this policy brief, Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Randa Farah examines the relationship between UNRWA and Palestinian refugees in Jordan and compares it to the situation of Sahrawi refugees in Algeria.

The Role of the Palestinian Diaspora

Al-Shabaka Roundtable
Nadia Hijab,
Khalil Hindi,
Aziza Khalidi,
Jaber Suleiman,
Antoine Zahlan

The first Al-Shabaka Roundtable was held in Beirut, Lebanon on the topic of Palestinians in the Diaspora. Policy Advisors Khalil Hindi, Nadia Hijab, Aziza Khalidi, Jaber Suleiman, and Antoine Zahlan discussed the different interests of Palestinians in the Diaspora and how they can be secured.

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