Il gas di Gaza e gli sprechi dell’Unione Europea

Cecilia Ferrara & Assia Rabinowitz
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La Bg, secondo la ricostruzione di Viktor Kattan, direttore del centro di ricerca al-Shabaka, pubblicata in un recente articolo, rivelò di essere a conoscenza dell'esistenza di giacimenti di fronte a Gaza e ottenne i lotti dall'Anp per l'esplorazione.

Unfreezing the Right of Return: First Stop, Gaza

Al-Shabaka Policy Brief
Munir Nuseibah

For decades, Palestinian victims of Israel’s forced displacement policies in the Gaza Strip have been seeking redress. Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Munir Nuseibah argues that the authorities in Gaza, Ramallah and Egypt have a legal obligation to immediately facilitate the return of those who want to do so, without in any way letting Israel off the hook. He describes how it can be done, and addresses the political and practical pitfalls.

Israel's Gaza Bantustan

Samah Sabawi
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Israel controls the Palestinian population registry and all important cards required to enter Gaza and the West Bank.

Will the New Palestinians End Security Coordination?

Most Palestinians saw Hamas’ steadfastness and ability to hit back during Israel’s November attack as a victory. But will they put it to good use, asks Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Haidar Eid, by ending Palestinian security cooperation with Israel – an opportunity missed after Israel’s 2008-09 operation? He argues that no real reconciliation amongst Palestinian factions is possible in the shadow of such collaboration.

Gaza 2012: Palestine’s Long Walk to Freedom

Haidar Eid
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Injustice is human; but more human still is the war against injustice. --Bertolt Brecht

The long walk to South Africa’s freedom is marked by two immensely tragic events: the Sharpeville massacre in 1960 and the Soweto Uprising in 1976, both of which led to the galvanizing of internal and international resistance against the apartheid regime.

Behind the pillars of cloud

Rami Zurayk
Anne Gough

Since its creation in 1948, Israel has used food and nutrition as a means to entrench its military and territorial occupation of Palestine.

What’s Really Going On at Rafah?

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Laila el-Haddad

Egypt now has a government more sympathetic to Hamas, the de facto government in the Gaza Strip. But Egyptian policy towards the Rafah Crossing still largely follows the parameters established by Israel for Palestinian passage -- and even when the Crossing is "open" thousands of Palestinians are not allowed through. Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Laila El-Haddad provides a concise overview of how the Crossing has been managed and its impact on the Palestinian residents of Gaza.

“Oil. Religion. Occupation. ... A Combustible Mix.”

Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Victor Kattan secured the release of new documents under the United Kingdom’s Freedom of Information Act. One revelation is that Israel may already be exploiting oil in the occupied Palestinian territories. As one official noted, this will make it even harder for Britain to justify aid for a land that could be self-reliant if it were free – further evidence of the need to push for an end to Israel’s occupation not pay for it.

The Gas Fields off Gaza: A Gift or a Curse?

The Egyptian-Israeli gas deal has come unstuck, partly due to the artificially low price Israel was paying for it. Will this help the Palestinians, whose gas fields off the coast of Gaza remain undeveloped and hostage to Israeli demands to be sold the gas at ludicrously low prices? Al-Shabaka Program Director Victor Kattan tells the little-known story of the struggle to develop the gas fields off Gaza and its implications for the prospects of any form of independent economic development under conditions of military occupation.

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