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How to Reclaim the Palestinian Narrative

Al-Shabaka Roundtable
Ali Abunimah,
Saleh Hijazi,
Ismail Khalidi,
Halla Shoaibi,
Cecilie Surasky,
Mandy Turner

Which comes first: shifting the balance of power or reclaiming the Palestinian narrative? Does the Palestinian Authority education system undermine the Palestinian story? Is there a place for the Israeli in the Palestinian narrative? How badly has the hegemonic narrative on Israel in the U.S. been shaken? These questions and more are thrashed out in this provocative Al-Shabaka roundtable.

Can the PA govern occupied Palestine?

Jillian Kestler-D'Amours
References advisor: 

"The Palestinian Authority has been undermined; it has [become] a nuisance… The only just solution that some Palestinian activists have started discussing is a secular, democratic state on the historic lands of the state of Palestine, which means the end of the Palestinian Authority and the end of the façade of the peace process doctrine."

Palestinians Imposing Agenda on Abbas

Al-Shabaka Policy Brief
Leila Farsakh

As Mahmoud Abbas heads to the United Nations to secure non-member state status for Palestine, he faces a strong and growing movement among Palestinian civil society activists within and outside the occupied Palestinian territory to reframe the Palestinian struggle as fighting against an apartheid Israeli regime and for inalienable Palestinian rights – and not for a state per se. Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Leila Farsakh discusses Abbas’ attempts to placate this movement while retaining control of his political program.

Integrating Palestine into the Progressive Left

Al-Shabaka Commentary
Noura Erakat

As progressive forces in the United States prepare to convene the second U.S. Social Forum this week in Detroit, Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Noura Erakat comments on the gap between Palestinian and Arab dreams of an America committed to justice and the reality of the work it would take to achieve this dream

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