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The more than 100 years since the Balfour Declaration and 70 years of continuous Nakba have been filled with suffering for Palestinians, but also resilience and resistance. In a new downloadable booklet, Marking the Nakba: From Betrayals and Warnings to Future Visions, Al-Shabaka has drawn together a selection of pieces from its archives that offer reflections on these experiences of the past and present, as well as suggestions for ways forward.

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70 Years of Nakba: Where Can Palestinians Go from Here?

Palestinians have perhaps never been more in need of a forward-looking vision to shape their struggle. On the Nakba’s 70th anniversary, Al-Shabaka analysts propose visions they contend would resonate with the greatest number of Palestinians – whether one-staters or two, refugees, exiles, citizens of Israel, or those under occupation – and map ways to get from here to there. 

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On May 15th, Palestinians commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Nakba (Arabic for catastrophe) that led to the expulsions from their homes and decades of exile and dispossession. We hear their stories and hopes for a resolution to the conflict, including those of Al-Shabaka co-founder Osamah Khalil, Assistant Professor at Syracuse University.

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Back to the Future: The Great March of Return

Gaza’s March of Return has brought crucial questions to the fore regarding the Palestinian cause and the status of the Strip. Gaza-based Al-Shabaka Analyst Haidar Eid examines these questions and concludes that the March is creating a new awareness rooted in Palestinian unity across all geographies, the goals of the BDS movement, and a rejection of the two-state solution. 

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Rawan Damen

Al-Shabaka Member Rawan Damen has produced and directed more than 25 hours of TV documentaries, translated into multiple languages, including the award-winning Al Nakba series. Rawan worked as a senior commissioning producer at Al Jazeera Media Network from 2008 to 2016, where she supervised 250 hours of documentaries. She has founded and led teams on multiple digital platforms, notably the innovative project Palestine Remix and was awarded the Media Creativity Award from the Arab Thought Foundation in December 2015. Rawan holds an MA in Communications Studies from Leeds University, UK, and a BA in Media and Sociology from Berziet University, Palestine.

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August 22: Join Al-Shabaka’s 2nd Policy Lab
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Palestinian Leadership: What a New Model Might Look Like

with Al-Shabaka analysts Marwa Fatafta, Fadi Quran,
and Alaa Tartir