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"Palestine not only has a pie in the sky, it also has one off the coast of Gaza and many more across the land. The pies here are strategic economic assets for a Palestinian economy worthy of a state. But all of them are under total Israeli military control, rendering them paralyzed at best."

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Let's be clear: Israel's latest operation in Gaza is not about security. Cease-fires between Hamas-ruled Gaza and Israel have brought security for months on end and there is ample evidence to show that Israel is largely responsible for truce breakdowns.

Israel decided to escalate the conflict last Wednesday with its assassination of Hamas leader Ahmed al-Ja'abari despite a truce that had been observed by all Palestinian factions during the previous two days.

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A BOMB falls close to our neighbourhood in Gaza; I check Facebook to see if everyone has survived. A young cousin, Nihal, writes in her status: "Shoot, I should have had my nap earlier today, didn't know it was going to be a sleepless night.". Another cousin jokes: "We were happy it rained in Gaza but weren't expecting the water falling to turn into bombs." For the 1.5 million Palestinians trapped in Gaza, humour helps to mask the terror they are experiencing.

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