Khalil Nakhleh

Khalil Nakhleh is a Palestinian anthropologist from the Galilee, Israel/Palestine, with a Ph.D. from Indiana University, US. His main academic and applied preoccupations focused on how to transform Palestinian society and people from an occupied, colonized, and fragmented society to a liberated, productive, free, and self-generating society, not dependent on external financial aid.  Dr. Nakhleh has authored a number of academic books and articles on Palestinian society, development, NGOs, and education, in English and Arabic. The Red Sea Press published his latest book, Globalized Palestine: The National Sell-out of a Homeland, in 2012. He may be reached at [email protected].

Commentary Economics

Oslo: Replacing Liberation with Economic Neo-Colonialism

Photo by Michael Loadenthal

The neo-liberal policies associated with Oslo have gradually laid waste to the Palestinian struggle for liberation. Advanced by a coalition of transnational development agencies, Israeli occupation actors, and Palestinian capitalists and political elites, this “economic neo-colonization of Palestine,” argues Al-Shabaka guest author Khalil Nakhleh, must be met with a “People-Centered Liberationist Development” strategy that develops and empowers indigenous resources aimed at securing all Palestinian rights.

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