The Israeli regime is currently committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, not only indiscriminately bombing Palestinians but actively targeting critical civilian infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, universities, refugee camps, and residential buildings.
Al-Shabaka Jamal Nabulsi
Jamal Nabulsi· Feb 5, 2024
Hamas’s surprise offensive on October 7th, 2023, dealt the most lethal blow to the Israeli military and public since the establishment of the state in 1948. In retaliation, Israel launched the most extensive military assault on Gaza in its history, destroying large swathes of the territory and killing more than 14,000 Palestinians, over a third of whom were children.
Al-Shabaka Tareq Baconi
Tareq Baconi· Nov 26, 2023
 Civil Society
Consensus-building can be a long and challenging process that requires all stakeholders involved to be committed to reaching an agreement. In the case of the Palestinian liberation project, achieving consensus among the forcibly fragmented Palestinian people is both particularly difficult and of critical importance in order to create a united national movement.
Al-Shabaka Jaber Suleiman
Jaber Suleiman· Jul 18, 2023
The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) budget disproportionately relies on clearance revenues — import taxes collected by Israel on its behalf — that the Israeli regime regularly withholds as political blackmail. As a result, Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza suffer severe economic consequences.
Al-Shabaka amal ahmad
Amal Ahmad· Feb 15, 2023
 Civil Society
Leadership is a focal point for Palestinians in Gaza who have been living through the division in Palestinian politics since 2007. Palestinian leaders in Fatah and Hamas continue to operate in tandem with the Israeli settler-colonial project to fragment the Palestinian polity, leaving Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere in colonized Palestine little hope for liberation through the political establishment.
The term “normalization” emerged following the signing of the 1979 Egypt-Israel peace treaty, which stated that the “signatories shall establish among themselves relationships normal to states at peace with one another.” Previously, relations with the Israeli regime were more colloquially referred to as khiyanah (betrayal or treachery)
Al-Shabaka Yara Hawari
Yara Hawari· Oct 18, 2022
When Ahmad Al-Shuqairi founded the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1964, he envisioned an entity that represented all Palestinians. However, he could not realize this vision because Fatah expressed its lack of confidence in him and his PLO policy in a statement to the December 9, 1967, meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo.
Al-Shabaka Belal Shobaki
Belal Shobaki· Sep 14, 2022
This commentary is based on a lecture delivered by Al-Shabaka policy analyst, Tareq Baconi, during Birzeit University’s Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies’ annual conference. Held in May 2022, the three-day conference, titled “The Palestinian Cause in a Troubled Region,” brought scholars and experts from Palestine and beyond to examine recent global and regional trends and their implications for the Palestinian cause.
Al-Shabaka Tareq Baconi
Tareq Baconi· Jun 29, 2022
In her new edited volume, Rethinking Statehood in Palestine: Self-Determination and Decolonization Beyond Partition, Al-Shabaka policy analyst and Associate Professor of Political Economy at the University of Massachusetts Boston, Leila Farsakh, brings together a diverse group of intellectuals to critically engage with the meaning of Palestinian statehood.
Al-Shabaka Leila Farsakh
Leila Farsakh· May 4, 2022
Palestinians have for years attempted to revive their national representative, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). As part of these efforts, many Palestinians have demanded direct elections to the Palestinian National Council (PNC), the PLO’s legislative body.
الشبكة نجمة علي
Nijmeh Ali· Apr 7, 2022

Media & Outreach

Tariq Kenney-Shawa speaks to AJE on the Columbia University sit-in, where students are protesting in support of Palestine.
Al-Shabaka Tariq Kenney-Shawa
Tariq Kenney-Shawa· Apr 19, 2024
A visiting scholar at the Centre for Humanities Research, University of Western Cape, Dr Muhannad Ayyash, shared insights on the Gaza atrocities during his conversation with VOC’s Shafiq Morton.
Al-Shabaka M. Muhannad Ayyash
M. Muhannad Ayyash · Apr 9, 2024
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