Producing critical policy analysis and collectively imagining a new policymaking paradigm for Palestine and Palestinians worldwide

Al-Shabaka is the only independent Palestinian-led think tank representing Palestinians worldwide. It has attracted a network of intellectuals, practitioners, and activists based in Palestine and around the globe. Al-Shabaka’s unique and growing network analyzes policies and proposes strategies to further Palestinian liberation. Al-Shabaka also helps put a Palestinian policy voice on the map, so as to communicate the expertise and advice of its network to organizers, policymakers, the media, and the interested public.

Our policy members are Al-Shabaka’s foundation of expertise, talent, and commitment.

The network includes both established and emerging Palestinian policy analysts with a diversity of expertise and geographical representation. Members contribute to Al-Shabaka’s work in a variety of ways, including original analysis, media engagement, and policy outreach. Unless otherwise stated, policy members have non-resident affiliation with Al-Shabaka; they are not employees of the organization and Al-Shabaka is not responsible for, nor involved in, their other professional activities. The opinions of individual members of Al-Shabaka’s policy network do not necessarily reflect the views of the organization as a whole.

The Al-Shabaka Policy member
Meet Al-Shabaka Policy Network Members

Our commitment to responsible content recirculation.

As a general policy, Al-Shabaka recirculates the original work of its network members, as well as work where their comments are featured, so long as it directly pertains to the work of the organization. Recirculating posts in no way suggests organizational endorsement. Al-Shabaka does not recirculate material that includes hate speech, derogatory language, or that in any way discriminates based on race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, or disability.

Joining the Network

Our members are identified through a nomination process. Prospective members must be nominated by at least two standing members of the network. When reviewing a nomination, Al-Shabaka likewise considers gaps in the network and prioritizes individuals who may help to address those disparities. These gaps may include areas of expertise, geographic location, profession, as well as other demographic factors. New members are inducted into the network on a biannual basis. If you wish to be considered for membership, please reach out to us at [email protected] for further information.

Become an Al-Shabaka Policy Network Member
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