Our Policy Network

Get to know our Policy Advisors, Policy Members, and Contributors.

Al-Shabaka is the only global online Palestinian-led think tank. It has attracted a network of Palestinian, Arab and international intellectuals, academics, and activists based in Palestine and around the world. Al-Shabaka’s unique and growing network analyzes policies and proposes strategies to further justice and human rights for the Palestinian people. Al-Shabaka also helps put a Palestinian policy voice on the map so as to communicate the expertise and advice of its network to policy-makers, the media, and the interested public.

Policy Members are Al-Shabaka’s foundation of expertise, talent and commitment. They may contribute to Al-Shabaka’s work in several ways, including writing policy briefs, position papers, commentaries, blog entries, and Op-Eds and disseminating Al-Shabaka’s policy advice and opinions. Any Palestinian or other person that has made a demonstrable and beneficial contribution to this sphere can become an Al-Shabaka Policy Member, within the framework of its vision and principles. They may apply to be Policy Members, or be nominated by existing members. Two Policy Advisors in good standing must support their application.

Policy Advisors are selected from the pool of Policy Members to serve for three-year terms, based on nominations by members of the Policy Network. In addition to the functions of policy members, Al-Shabaka Policy Advisors commit to making a major intellectual contribution to Al-Shabaka’s work during their term and to advancing Al-Shabaka’s work by serving on committees and communicating Al-Shabaka’s policy analysis, among other things.

The Al-Shabaka Policy Fellow program was launched in 2015 with the appointment of a Fellow in Palestine. As support for the program evolves, Fellows will be appointed in other countries. Fellows are in the first instance identified from within Al-Shabaka’s policy network.

As a general policy, Al-Shabaka re-circulates the original work of its network members, as well as work where their comments are featured, so long as it directly pertains to the work of the organization. Recirculating posts in no way suggests organizational endorsement. Al-Shabaka does not recirculate material that includes hate speech, derogatory language, advocates for violations of international law, or that in any way discriminates based on race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender, or disability.