The first and only global, online Palestinian-led think tank

Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network was launched in April, 2010, as the first and only independent, transnational Palestinian think tank. We bring together over 200 analysts from across the globe to produce critical policy analysis and craft visions for a liberated, self-determined future.

Al-Shabaka is a center for policy research and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, registered in the State of California as the Middle East Policy Network.

Our Mission

Al-Shabaka convenes a multidisciplinary, global network of Palestinian analysts to produce critical policy analysis and collectively imagine a new policymaking paradigm for Palestine and Palestinians worldwide.

Our Vision

We envision the Palestinian people articulating and determining the contours of a liberated future.

about Al-Shabaka
about Al-Shabaka

Theory of Change

We believe our vision will be realized through strengthening the popular movement for Palestinian liberation with the theoretical and analytical policy foundations to both dismantle the current structures of oppression and build a liberated future.

Our Values

All of our work is guided by the following principles:


We believe fundamentally in the self-determination of indigenous peoples worldwide. Decolonization—the critical awareness and dismantling of colonial power and primacy, and the reclamation and re-centering of indigenous knowledge, land, and culture—is a prerequisite toward achieving a self-determined future.

Accountability & Independence

We are a non-partisan, non-governmental think tank. We produce critical analysis distinct from any political party or government body and hold ourselves accountable to the Palestinian people. This includes adhering to political red lines developed through Palestinian consensus and proactively avoiding any harm to the Palestinian struggle.

Collaboration & Respect

We believe in the principles of cooperation and partnership, treating all people with equality, dignity, and integrity. We approach our work from a spirit of camaraderie and coalition-building, and reject the notion of zero-sum power.


We acknowledge and aim to represent the diverse identities within the Palestinian community. We recognize the interconnectedness of the Palestinian struggle with global liberation movements and view it as an opportunity for collective understanding, solidarity, and joint efforts towards justice worldwide.

Transformative Learning

We embrace the ongoing process of learning and unlearning as we strive for collective strategies towards liberation. We recognize the ever-evolving environment in which we live and adopt an iterative approach to knowledge production.

Meet the team behind our global network

Our work is shepherded by a small remote-based team of individuals committed to Palestinian liberation. As a Palestinian-led organization and expert network, we are united by our belief in the power of their research and insights to shape a new future for Palestine and Palestinians worldwide.

Al-Shabaka the network
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