Andy Clarno

Andy Clarno is assistant professor of Sociology and African American Studies and interim director of the Social Justice Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  His research examines racism, capitalism, colonialism, and empire in the early 21st century. Andy’s new book, Neoliberal Apartheid (University of Chicago Press 2017), analyzes the political, economic, and social changes in South Africa and Palestine/Israel since 1994. It addresses the limitations of liberation in South Africa, highlights the impact of neoliberal restructuring in Palestine/Israel, and argues that a new form of neoliberal apartheid has emerged in both regions.

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Focus On: When Does It Become Apartheid?

apartheid palestine israel

Does Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people constitute apartheid? And is apartheid the best framework to apply to Palestine and the Palestinians to achieve freedom, justice, and equality? As 2018 marks 70 years since the Nakba - or catastrophe - began, this collection of Al-Shabaka analysis over the years helps shed light on the debate.

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Rethinking Our Definition of Apartheid: Not Just a Political Regime

Though apartheid is an important framework for challenging Israeli rule, Al-Shabaka Analyst Haidar Eid and Guest Contributor Andy Clarno argue that true justice can only come by recognizing apartheid as not only a system of racial discrimination, but also of racial capitalism. Drawing on the South African example, the authors recommend ways to move the analysis forward.

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