Dina Matar

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Dina Matar is senior lecturer in political communication at the Centre for Film and Media Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies. She works on the relationship between culture, communication and politics, with a special focus on Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. She is the author of “What it Means to be Palestinian: Stories of Palestinian Peoplehood” (Tauris, 2010); co-editor of “Narrating Conflict in the Middle East: Discourse, Image and Communication Practices in Palestine and Lebanon” (Taruis, 2013) and co-author of “The Hizbullah Phenomenon: Politics and Communication” (Hurst, 2014). Matar is also co-founding editor of the “The Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication.”

Commentary Politics

Whose “Ethnic Cleansing?”: Israel’s Appropriation of the Palestinian Narrative

Palestinian ethnic cleansing

Benjamin Netanyahu recently claimed that the Palestinian demand to dismantle illegal Israeli settlements constitutes “ethnic cleansing” against settlers. Al-Shabaka Policy Analyst Dina Matar argues that such rhetoric is part of an Israeli strategy of appropriating a narrative of victimhood to garner public support, and recommends ways Palestinians can counter this tactic to further their quest for rights.

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