Mousa Jiryis

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Mousa Jiryis is a Palestinian from Galilee. He holds a Masters in International Relations from the University of Westminster (with Merit), part of which consisted of a research grant from the Bruno Kreisky Forum for International Dialogue. He also holds a Bachelors degree in Economics and Economic History from the London School of Economics. He is a skilled proposal writer, researcher and documentation specialist. His varied career has included donor fundraising, documentation quality assurance and business development for organizations in Palestine, Israel and the UK.

Commentary Politics

Palestine-Israel: Europe Drowning in America’s Failures

On January 18 the European Union Foreign Affairs Council may decide additional measures against Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise. Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Sam Bahour and Guest Author Mousa Jiryis urge the EU to bypass the US and take the lead in bringing about a just resolution to the conflict, saving themselves money and ending a key source of regional instability.

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