Nora Lester Murad

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Nora Lester Murad is an adjunct associate professor at Fordham University. She is also the co-founder of Dalia Association, Palestine's first community foundation; and Aid Watch Palestine, a community-driven aid accountability initiative. She has published widely on the subjects of international aid and community philanthropy, including in The GuardianAljazeeraHuffington PostOpenDemocracyCounterpunch, and Mondoweiss, and on her blog: Her first book, Rest in My Shade (November, 2018), is a poem about displacement featuring 18 Palestinian artists around the world.

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Donor Complicity in Israel’s Violations of Palestinian Rights

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International aid must not, legally, cause harm to those it aims to assist, but as Al-Shabaka policy member Nora Lester Murad points out, a number of donor practices may be leading to the violation of human rights. Murad outlines eight questions that must be asked about aid complicity and suggests important mechanisms for oversight of an industry that has just pledged another $5.4 billion for Gaza.

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