Op-Ed via The Hill

Malala, where is your money?

From Jerusalem, Al-Shabaka member Nora Lester Murad writes in The Hill Newspaper that she has tried unsuccessfully to track down the $50,000 that Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai gave UNRWA for rebuilding Gaza's schools. "Problems with transparency and accountability are not unique to any one agency. Rather, it is a consequence of an entire aid system that has an interest in protecting itself from scrutiny to avoid being exposed as complicit in the ongoing denial of Palestinian rights."

Since this op-ed was published, UNRWA has been in touch with Ms. Murad and Al-Shabaka, providing detailed information that had proved unobtainable at the time of writing, including about the completion of repairs to schools, and the import of 293 trucks of construction materials in October and November.

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