Op-Ed via New Matilda

‘We’re Still Here’: What Nakba Day Means In Australia

Nakba is not an isolated incident in history. Not a single memory that stands distant and frozen on the pages of time. Its commemoration is a reminder of the beginning of an ongoing crime. It forces us to reflect on a relentless inescapable reality. We carry it in our collective conscience, a precious pain that cannot be extracted from our identity. We are Palestinians and we cannot forget what has not yet ceased to be.

We cannot forget the 1948 massacre of Deir Yassin, nor wash away from our eyes the images of scattered children limbs in Gaza in 2014. Same crimes, same excuses and same ideology. Same criminals, same rhetoric and same international complicity. But we know that no perfect crime can stand the scrutiny of time. So we carry our Palestine in our hearts and in our living memory.

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