Ayman Abdul Majeed

Ayman Abdul Majeed is Researcher and Survey Unit coordinator for the Center for Development Studies at Birzeit University. He has spent nearly 20 years in community research and programs focused on marginalized groups including women, youth, people with disability, children, and Palestinian refugees in Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon. He is a member of the National Committee for Women Employment’s (2010-2013).

Mai Abu Moghli

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Mai Abu Moghli is a Palestinian human rights activist based in London. Mai is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Education, University of London. Her research focus is on human rights education in Palestinian Authority schools in the Occupied West Bank. Mai holds a Masters degree in human rights from the University of Essex and has worked extensively in the field of human rights in the MENA region.

Mohammad Abu Zaineh

Mohammad Abu Zaineh is Adjunct Professor of Economics at Aix-Marseille Université School of Economics and École des hautes études en santé publique in Paris. He has worked with UNAIDS in Geneva, the Palestine Economic Policy Institute in Ramallah and the Department of Economics as well as the Institute of Community and Public Health at Birzeit University, Palestine. His main areas of research include measurement and explanation of socioeconomic inequality; public economics and policies (applied mainly to health and the health care sector) and economic development.

Amal Ahmad

Amal Ahmad is a Palestinian economic researcher. Amal interned at the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute in Ramallah before completing a Master’s degree in development economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London. Her work focuses on fiscal and monetary relations between Israel and Palestine; she is also interested in the political economy of development in the broader Middle East.

Samer Alatout

Samer Alatout is an associate professor in the Department of Community and Environmental Sociology and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has published extensively on water and environmental politics in historic Palestine (1900-2010) and is now working on a book on the subject. Alatout has also published on the politics of occupation (water, the apartheid wall). Most recently, he's been researching the state building process in Palestine.

Maureen Ali

Maureen Ali, former cultural editor of The Middle East magazine, is a writer and film-maker based in Beirut. She is the editor of the book “A Lost Summer,” a compilation of blogs, texts and other writings about the 2006 Israeli War on Lebanon and wrote the texts for “Watercolors,” a campaigning book by photographer Mazen Jannoun about the state of the Lebanese coast. She is an active member of Inaash, Association for the Development of Palestinian Camps, Beirut.

Zarefa Ali

Zarefa Ali received her MA degree from Birzeit University in International Studies with a concentration in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies.

Sabrien Amrov

Sabrien Amrov is a Policy Member of Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network. She is a research assistant in the Foreign Policy division of SETA, a Turkish think tank based in Ankara were she researches politics of the Levant. She also served as a visiting fellow at the Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute for International Studies at Birzeit University in Palestine, where she conducted field research on the security provision in the Occupied Palestinian Territory for MA project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Tareq Baconi

Tareq Baconi is completing his doctorate in Middle East Politics at Kings College London. His work focuses on Palestinian politics, particularly Hamas and governance in Gaza. He has an MPhil in International Relations from the University of Cambridge, and his writing has appeared in Foreign Affairs, Sada, The Guardian, The Daily Star and Open Democracy.

Ahmad Barclay

Ahmad Barclay is an architect and environmental designer presently based in Beirut. He is co-founder of, and also works on Visualizing Palestine and #3awda. Ahmad previously worked with DAAR (Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency) on the “Laboratory of Returns” project, investigating architectural models for the return of Palestinian refugees.