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Throughout history, labor strikes have been used as a potent tool in expressing dissent, voicing grievances, and demanding change. In Palestine, they have emerged as a powerful mode of resistance and a critical source of leverage for workers. These strikes have encompassed diverse sectors, including labor, education, healthcare, and more, showcasing the unity and determination of the Palestinian people in their struggle for liberation.
 Civil Society
Israeli military companies such as Elbit Systems appear invincible, yet Israel’s arms industry is more vulnerable than it seems. Al-Shabaka guest author Maren Mantovani and Policy Advisor Jamal Juma’ examine both national and global trends and identify avenues for human rights activists to pursue to hold Israel accountable under international law.
Palestinian parties remain entrenched in the political system despite their splits and weaknesses. What role can they play within - or outside - the PLO and what other avenues exist for national or local leadership? While some Al-Shabaka policy analysts offer ideas beyond the current political set-up, others suggest ways to make the current structure work.
 Civil Society
Palestinians have struggled against Israel’s Wall in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem for the past eight years. In July 2004, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) affirmed that the Wall and Israel’s occupation regime were in violation of international law.
Al-Shabaka Jamal Juma'
Jamal Juma'· Aug 26, 2010