Dina Omar

Dina Omar is a writer and a graduate student studying Anthropology at Yale. She is a founding member of Students for Justice in Palestine-National and serves on the National Executive Board of the Palestine Youth Movement.

Commentary Politics

Trashing Four Generations of Palestinian Inheritance

Aerial view of Rammun Village

As Palestinians commemorate the 46th anniversary of Israel’s occupation on June 5th, the villagers of Rammun are particularly incensed – but their wrath is targeted primarily at the Palestinian Authority. They suspect it of complicity with the Israeli occupation in confiscating their ancestral lands for a trash landfill, just one outcome of the many decades of rights violations Palestinians everywhere experience. Al-Shabaka Policy Member Dina Omar tackles the issues.

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Roundtable Politics

An Open Debate on Palestinian Representation

Is it better to try to revive the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and its institutions or should Palestinians build a new national movement? The participants in this roundtable debate the pros and cons of starting from square one, as Osamah Khalil suggested in a recent policy brief. Additional roundtable insights: a different articulation of the PLO’s value, and a question mark regarding the usefulness of elections to a national liberation movement.

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