Ingrid Jaradat Gassner

Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Ingrid Jaradat Gassner is a co-founder and former director of Badil Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights (Badil). She has worked extensively in the fields of international law and advocacy, including innovative research on Palestinian refugees, the right to return, Israeli colonialism and apartheid and related third-state responsibilities. She has also coordinated research for a Palestinian civic initiative seeking to register exiled Palestinians as voters and campaign for direct PNC elections and carried out advocacy with the Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem. She currently works as an independent consultant.

Focus Politics

Focus On: 25 Years of Oslo

In this compilation Al-Shabaka’s top analysts dissect the Accords’ political and economic dimensions and discuss their repercussions for Palestinians while also providing recommendations on ways forward.

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Focus On: When Does It Become Apartheid?

apartheid palestine israel

Does Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people constitute apartheid? And is apartheid the best framework to apply to Palestine and the Palestinians to achieve freedom, justice, and equality? As 2018 marks 70 years since the Nakba - or catastrophe - began, this collection of Al-Shabaka analysis over the years helps shed light on the debate.

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Commentary Politics

Talking Palestine: What Frame of Analysis? Which Goals and Messages?

talking palestine

Palestinians are mired in a one or two-state debate that leapfrogs the need for a process of decolonization and reparations, argue Al-Shabaka Policy Analysts Nadia Hijab and Ingrid Jaradat Gassner. The authors compare different frameworks of analysis and conclude the anti-apartheid framework is most strategic in furthering Palestinian goals in the absence of a near-term political settlement.

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Roundtable Civil Society

Threats to Human Rights Defenders: How Far Will Israel Go?

Benjamin Netanyahu just declared that Israel has defeated the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement. Yet the movement continues to chalk up victories while Israel ramps up its attacks against defenders of Palestinian human rights, including BDS activists. Al-Shabaka policy analysts examine these threats against Israel’s previous attacks and explore what activists can do to protect themselves and their work.

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Roundtable Refugee Issues

The Arguments Against Palestine Giving Its Refugees Citizenship

Overview The rights of Palestinian refugees have been long neglected and their suffering has been carried from generation to generation for 67 years. In his recent piece A Bold Proposal: Palestine Should Give Its Refugees Citizenship, Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Fateh Azzam argued that the State of Palestine should confer citizenship on its stateless refugees and…

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Commentary Politics

How to Make International Law Work for Palestinians

Photo of UN Security Council. Photo by Coalition for the ICC.

For many Palestinians, international law has a bad name. It has been ignored or subverted to prolong Palestinian oppression and fragmentation since 1948. But, as Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Ingrid Jaradat argues, drawing on the findings of a major international conference at Birzeit University, the Palestinian people should not turn their back on international law: If used appropriately it is an effective tool for the oppressed.

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Roundtable Refugee Issues

Political Agency for Palestinian Return

palestinian return

Palestinians must themselves be the agents of their return. Some civil society campaigns are contributing to achieving return, such as the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement and legal actions. But for real progress the internal obstacles to return must be addressed, including the lack of a consensus on how to achieve Palestinian self-determination. These are among the key points raised in this roundtable organized by Al-Shabaka’s Policy Circle on Return.

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