Photo Naseer Aruri

Naseer Aruri (1934 – 2015)

Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Naseer Aruri was Chancellor Professor (Emeritus) of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. He was a founder, former chair, and  member-at-large of the Board of Directors of the Trans-Arab Research Institute (Boston), and a member of the Advisory Board of Directors of the International Institute for Criminal Investigations (The Hague). Dr. Aruri was the author of several books, including Dishonest Broker: the U.S. Role in Israel and Palestine (South End Press).

Roundtable Politics

Strategies if Talks “Succeed”

Photo of Palestinian flag

Over the past month, Al-Shabaka Policy Advisors Bashir Abu-Manneh, Ali Abunimah, Naseer Aruri, Diana Buttu, Mary Nazzal-Batayneh, Mouin Rabbani, and Samah Sabawi responded to Nadia Hijab's Policy Brief What if Peace Talks "Succeed"? They reflected on Hijab's recommendations and offered other strategies for consideration by Palestinians and their supporters in order to achieve Palestinian rights.

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