Samah Sabawi

Samah Sabawi is a political commentator, author and playwright. She is a Policy Advisor to Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network, and member of the board of directors for the National Council on Canada Arab Relations (NCCAR). Sabawi wrote and produced Cries from the Land (Canada 2003), Three Wishes (Canada 2008) andTales of a City by the Sea (Palestine & Australia 2014).  Her past work includes being public advocate for Australians for Palestine, Executive Director for the National Council on Canada Arab Relations (NCCAR) and Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Canadian Foreign Service Institute’s Centre for Intercultural Learning.

Roundtable Refugee Issues

The Arguments Against Palestine Giving Its Refugees Citizenship

Palestinian women hold their passports during a protest demanding for the opening of Rafah crossing border in front of the headquarters of the Council of Ministers in Gaza city, on December 31, 2014. Photo by Ashraf Amra

Overview The rights of Palestinian refugees have been long neglected and their suffering has been carried from generation to generation for 67 years. In his recent piece A Bold Proposal: Palestine Should Give Its Refugees Citizenship, Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Fateh Azzam argued that the State of Palestine should confer citizenship on its stateless refugees and…

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Roundtable Negotiations

Looking for a Leadership with a Strategy

Photo of Nakba commemoration in Bethlehem

In this Roundtable, Al-Shabaka Policy Advisors Haidar Eid and Samah Sabawi as well as guest contributor Loubna Qutami discuss Noura Erakat’s policy brief Beyond Sterile Negotiations: Looking for a Leadership with a Strategy. They critique issues relating to the Boycott National Committee (BNC), the questions of representation and self-determination, the colonial condition, and the future of the struggle. In her response, Erakat expresses her concern over the fragmentation of the Palestinian national body and the failure to articulate a political vision for a solution. She argues that Palestinians should adopt a one-state solution as a political vision that aims for the equality of all persons irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, religion, or race.

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Commentary Negotiations

What’s Next for Palestine?

Photo of UN Security Council

The failure of the Palestine Liberation Organization's bid for full membership in the United Nations marks the end of the road for the Palestinian Authority, argues Al-Shabaka policy advisor Samah Sabawi. She discusses the PA's disarray and notes that future setbacks can only be avoided with a completely different approach in the struggle for human rights.

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Commentary Politics

September and Beyond: Who Speaks in My Name?

Photo of Mahmoud Abbas holding a map of the world's flags. Photo credit: Office of Mahmoud Abbas.

As the UN vote on recognition of the state of Palestine approaches later this month, Al-Shabaka policy advisor Samah Sabawi argues in this commentary that the controversy surrounding the bid obscures the larger question of whether the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority are legitimate representatives of the Palestinian people.

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Roundtable Negotiations

Strategies if Talks “Succeed”

Photo of Palestinian flag

Over the past month, Al-Shabaka Policy Advisors Bashir Abu-Manneh, Ali Abunimah, Naseer Aruri, Diana Buttu, Mary Nazzal-Batayneh, Mouin Rabbani, and Samah Sabawi responded to Nadia Hijab's Policy Brief What if Peace Talks "Succeed"? They reflected on Hijab's recommendations and offered other strategies for consideration by Palestinians and their supporters in order to achieve Palestinian rights.

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