Asem Khalil

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Asem Khalil is an Associate Professor of Public Law, H.H. Shaikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani Chair in Constitutional and International Law, Birzeit University. He is the former Dean of the Faculty of Law and Public Administration (2012-2015), and of the Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Institute of International Studies (2010-2012). Dr. Khalil holds a Ph.D. in Public Law, Fribourg University, Switzerland, a Master in Public Administration from the National School of Administration, France, and a doctorate in Utriusque Juris, Lateran University, Italy. His latest publications include: “Palestinians to Citizens: Is Citizenship a Solution to the Palestinian Refugee Problem?” (Middle East Law and Governance).

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Focus On: 25 Years of Oslo

In this compilation Al-Shabaka’s top analysts dissect the Accords’ political and economic dimensions and discuss their repercussions for Palestinians while also providing recommendations on ways forward.

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The Palestinian Authority: Unsettling Status Quo Scenarios

Palestinian leadership PLO Abbas

Is one state the only alternative to an unrealized two-state solution? Al-Shabaka Policy Member Asem Khalil discusses the minimal changes in governance the PA has made post-Oslo and forecasts a “status quo+,” an institutionalized system of apartheid and a no-state solution. He also foresees three states – but argues none of this would be sustainable over time.

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