Ismail Khalidi

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Ismail Khalidi's writing on Palestinian history, culture and politics range from plays and poetry to op-eds and commentary. He holds an MFA from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and authored the award-winning play Tennis in Nablus, which explores the Palestinians' 1936-39 revolt against British Colonial rule. His work has been produced and read at theatres and Universities around the country including Atlanta's Tony Award-winning Alliance Theatre, which premiered Tennis in Nablus, and the Culture Project, which will produce the New York premiere in 2013. Khalidi's writing has also appeared in The Daily Beast, American Theatre Magazine, The Nation, and The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Roundtable Politics

How to Reclaim the Palestinian Narrative

Palestinian narrative

Which comes first: shifting the balance of power or reclaiming the Palestinian narrative? Does the Palestinian Authority education system undermine the Palestinian story? Is there a place for the Israeli in the Palestinian narrative? How badly has the hegemonic narrative on Israel in the U.S. been shaken? These questions and more are thrashed out in this provocative Al-Shabaka roundtable.

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