Noura Mansour

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Noura Mansour is a Palestinian educator, writer, activist and community organizer, from Acre city. She studied Political Science and Education and received masters in International Relations from Haifa University. Noura has been involved in development and community work with NGOs in Jerusalem, West Bank and Palestine 48. She has worked with international NGOs and solidarity movements in Korea and Australia where she is now based and works in the Education sector. Noura is also a debate trainer and has taught and trained in many international forums in Asia, Middle East, Europe and Australia.

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Australia and Palestine-Israel: The Threat of the Far Right

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Australia recently voted against the UN resolution elevating Palestine’s status in the body and is considering moving its embassy to Jerusalem. While these acts may cause little surprise as the country’s policy has always leaned pro-Israel, Al-Shabaka Policy Analyst Noura Mansour examines how Australia’s ruling party has moved further to the right and recommends ways to impede this trajectory.

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