This online seminar will explore the regional outlook of Israel, Palestine and the broader Middle East. It takes into consideration four years of the Trump administration siding firmly with the Netanyahu government in Israel, including support for de jure annexation of further Palestinian land; regional peace agreements signed between Israel and Arab states, for the first time since 1994; the further deterioration of Palestinian lives, which includes ongoing de facto land annexation and dystopian life conditions in Gaza; and Canada’s own current policy, which includes renewing funding to Palestinian refugees and voting at the UN for the Palestinian right to self-determination, while simultaneously voting against Palestinian refugees at the UN and facilitating the sale of Israeli settlement goods in Canada.

Our panel of regional specialists will provide this analysis through an update on the politics of the Middle East (Dr Alaa Tartir), political trends and life in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (Inès Abdel Razek), political currents in Israel (Dr Shir Hever), and Canada’s relationship with the Palestinians and Middle East Peace Process (Dr Jeremy Wildeman).


Featured Speaker

Inès Abdel Razek is the Executive Director of the Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy (PIPD) and its digital platform Rabet, an independent Palestinian organization focusing on international mobilization and digital...
Thursday, Jan 14, 2021

Online Webinar

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