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No one will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Oslo Accords

Yara Hawari

“It’s not that the PA has turned into a monster, I think it was born a monster,” Yara Hawari, a young activist and a policy fellow at the Palestinian think tank Al-Shabaka, told The Intercept this summer. “I don’t think it was ever going to be anything else just because of the way that it was set up: What it was supposed to do was maintain and manage the situation and assist it.”

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“Global powers and international governance institutions must stop instrumentalising the UNRWA through its humanitarian intervention to cover up for their political failures. Humanitarianism has its inherent limits, and it risks, despite all the good intentions, sustaining the status quo of refugees,” Alaa Tartir tells The National.

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Media Mention via Unsettled

The Nation-State Law

Amjad Iraqi

On July 19, the Israeli Knesset passed the "Nation-State Bill" in a 62-55 vote. Many critics of the bill say that it undermines Israel's historic claim to be both Jewish and democratic in character. But does this new law actually change anything, or only make explicit the way things have been for decades?

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