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In recent weeks, armed with a leaked document, many have speculated that the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, will adopt a new Charter. However, the leaked document is nothing but a new “platform” being floated among the movement members, to be officially announced on May 1 as the “General Principles and Policies Platform.” The platform will not replace its original 1988 Charter, according to Ismail Radwan, a senior leader in the movement.

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The Palestinian Authority (PA) adopted donor-driven security sector reform (SSR) as the linchpin to its post-2007 state-building project. As SSR proceeded, the occupied West Bank became a securitized space and the theater for PA security campaigns whose ostensible purpose was to establish law and order. This article tackles the consequences of the PA’s security campaigns in Balata and Jenin refugee camps from the people’s perspective through a bottom-up ethnographic methodological approach. These voices from below problematize and examine the security campaigns, illustrating how and why resistance against Israel has been criminalized. The article concludes by arguing that conducting security reform to ensure stability within the context of colonial occupation and without addressing the imbalances of power can only ever have two outcomes: “better” collaboration with the occupying power and a violation of Palestinians’ security and national rights by their own security forces.

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Op-Ed via Qantara

Im Westen nichts Neues

Sam BahourMousa Jiryis

Wenn Europa eine Politik von zwei Staaten für zwei Völker durchsetzen will, muss es eine von den USA unabhängige Linie verfolgen. Bislang ist der politische Einfluss Europas im Kielwasser der USA jedoch kaum wahrnehmbar. Von Sam Bahour und Mousa Jiryis

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