Al-Shabaka in the Media

Why are Palestinian voices excluded?

Samah Sabawi
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Palestinians may be encouraged to tell their 'human story' but they are seldom allowed to express their political views.

Palestinian farmers lose land for failed economic zones

Vivien Sansour
Alaa Tartir
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Al-Shabaka’s Program Director and a guest author show how industrial zones are stripping farmers of their food sovereignty and increasing Palestinian dependency on Israel.

Why Hamas will not accept demilitarization of Gaza

Nadia Hijab
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In over three weeks of asymmetrical warfare, Israeli aerial, land and sea bombardment has resulted in more than 1,400 Palestinians killed, 75 percent of them civilians, of whom at least 250 were children. Of the 64 dead in Israel by the end of July, 61 were soldiers, most killed in ground fighting; three civilians were killed by Hamas rocket and mortar fire.

FAQ: The Assault on Gaza: Israeli Aims & US Involvement

Diana Buttu
Osamah Khalil
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Two Al-Shabaka policy advisors, with Jerusalem Fund Director Yousef Munayyer, offer insights to the following questions in FAQ format:
  • What is the real aim of Israel's invasion of Gaza?
  • What is Netanyahu's endgame politically?
  • Is the Obama administration complicit in Israel's repeated assaults on Gaza, in which human rights organizations have documented evidence of serious war crimes and crimes against humanity?
  • How significant do you think the disputes are between Israel and the US, in terms of the long-term relationship bet

FAQ: Misperceptions about the Conflict in Gaza

Nadia Hijab
Diana Buttu
George Bisharat
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Two Al-Shabaka policy advisors and Professor George Bisharat offer insights to the following questions in FAQ format:
  • What caused this latest outburst of violence?
  • Is Israel acting in self-defense?
  • Is Israel attacking "Hamas targets"?
  • Why has Hamas declined to accept a ceasefire?
  • Does Hamas use Palestinians as human shields?
  • Does the Israeli military take all possible precautions to prevent civilian casualties?

Samah Sabawi on Israel's Gaza War 2014

ABC Radio Melbourne
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Debunking mainstream media assertions that smarter Palestinians could or should opt against Israeli bombardment in favor of continued seven-year blockade, Al-Shabaka advisor Samah Sabawi tells ABC interviewer: "You're saying let's stop killing them quickly, and continue with killing them slowly. These can't be the only two options that the Palestinians are given."

Israel's Gaza illusions

Osamah Khalil
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“Israel's attempts to undercut Palestinian unity and the peace process may work, but they will be self-defeating … Many Palestinians were already looking past [their] discredited organizations and leaders for a new movement to achieve their rights — that will only increase. And they will find greater support internationally.”

FAQ on Failed Effort to Arrange Ceasefire Between Israel and Hamas

Rashid Khalidi
Mouin Rabbani
Noura Erakat
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Three Al-Shabaka Policy Advisors offer insights to the following questions in FAQ format:
  • Why do you think Hamas didn't accept the terms of the ceasefire?
  • What will be required for a ceasefire to be accepted by both sides?
  • What do you think Israel's actual goals for bombing Gaza are?
  • How do you think the United States and international community should respond to the current situation?
  • How do you think Palestinian leaders should respond to the current situation?

Thoughts on the Third Intifada

Tariq Dana
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Tariq Dana outlines the conditions that are missing for a much-speculated Third Intifada. He also explains why a Third Intifada might possibly be hiding just around the corner.

Europeans warn Israel: How will Congress respond?

Nadia Hijab
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The U.S. Congress, known primarily in the Middle East for its knee-jerk support of Israel, seems unaware of the slow but steady moves by European countries to apply international law to the Israeli-occupied territories. The news from Europe is overshadowed by the escalating bloodshed in the West Bank and Gaza.