The PA’s Revolving Door: A Key Policy in Security Coordination

Article - The PA’s Revolving Door: A Key Policy in Security Coordination

Last month, Israeli forces violently raided the West Bank city of Jenin. PA President Mahmoud Abbas visited the area shortly thereafter, accompanied by a slew of Palestinian security forces. Days later, the PA began an arrest campaign of its own, detaining members of various factions throughout the West Bank. Such a cycle encompasses a critical component of PA-Israeli security coordination: the revolving door/al-bab al-dawaar. In our latest policy memo, Al-Shabaka analyst Alaa Tartir examines the protocol and offers recommendations to both Palestinian leadership and civil society for ways forward.

Israel’s National Guard: A Tool for Palestinian Erasure

Article - Israel's National Guard: A Tool for Palestinian Erasure

Benjamin Netanyahu has given far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir the go-ahead to establish Israel’s first national guard. Distinct from other Israeli forces, the national guard is designed primarily to target Palestinian citizens of Israel. In this policy memo, guest contributor 24352 looks at the emergence of the new force in order to understand its implications for Palestinian citizens of Israel and proposes recommendations to relevant stakeholders for how to challenge it and protect Palestinians.

International Law and the Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Movement

المقال - القانون الدولي والحركة الفلسطينية المناهضة للفصل العنصري

Recognition of Israel’s crime of apartheid is increasing throughout the world. How should Palestinians seize this moment and strategize an anti-apartheid movement through legal avenues? Al-Shabaka’s policy analyst, 24535, examines the importance of deploying international law in a decolonial Palestinian anti-apartheid movement and offers recommendations for how Palestinians and their allies should strategize it.

Challenging Israel’s Climate Apartheid in Palestine

مقال - تحدي الفصل العنصري المناخي الإسرائيلي في فلسطين

The PA and its international donors continue to promote state-centric and technical approaches to climate change that block legitimate climate and environmental justice in Palestine. Al-Shabaka’s policy analyst, Muna Dajani, explains how climate change across colonized Palestine is a political reality defined by Israeli settler colonialism and theft of natural resources. She offers recommendations for bringing meaningful climate justice to Palestine.

The Palestinian Security Sector: Entrenching State Repression

المقال - قطاع الأمن الفلسطيني: ترسيخ قمع الدولة

The Palestinian Authority’s security sector receives the largest portion of its budget, allowing it to consolidate its authoritarian and repressive rule over the Palestinian people. Al-Shabaka’s policy analyst and program advisor, Alaa Tartir, explores this troubling reality and offers recommendations for rethinking security sector governance whereby it can bring about inclusivity, accountability, and dignity for the Palestinian people.

Gaza Reconstruction: Toward a Self-Determined Mechanism

مقال - إعادة إعمار غزة: نحو آلية تقرير مصيري

The Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM) entrenches Israel’s siege of Gaza. Al-Shabaka policy analyst, 24569, argues that Palestinians need a new mechanism that revitalizes and unifies Palestinians politically, and that pressures Israel to lift its siege. He offers recommendations to Palestinian leadership and civil society, and to the international donor community, for how to bring about this new mechanism.

Gaza’s Summer: Destruction, Pandemic, and Climate Change

مقال - صيف غزة: دمار وجائحة وتغير مناخي

The recent Israeli assault on Gaza has increased fears about the summer to come. As rising global temperatures continue to threaten Gaza, Palestinians are bracing for a hot summer with widespread destruction and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Palestinian Refugees and Lebanon’s Multilayered Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic and the August 4 explosion at Beirut’s port exacerbated an already multilayered crisis in Lebanon which crippled its economy and led to massive popular protests. How has this situation affected marginalized communities? Al-Shabaka policy analyst Jaber Suleiman describes the scope of the crisis and its impact on Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, explaining what more needs to be done to support them. 

Using Trump’s “Vision” to Break Free of Past Frameworks

As Israel and the US fast-track President Donald Trump’s vision of “peace”, i.e. the illegal annexation of occupied Palestinian territory, European countries ponder ways to uphold the rule of law. In this Policy Memo Al-Shabaka’s 24588 provides ideas on how they can – with a push from the Palestine solidarity movement.