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US President Joe Biden’s July 2022 visit to Israel and Saudi Arabia signified a new era of regional alliances that are inextricably linked to the expanding normalization deals heralded by the Abraham Accords.
Amjad Iraqi joins host Yara Hawari to discuss the Israeli elections, focusing in particular on the Palestinian citizens of Israel. Iraqi explains the current political deadlock, the history of Palestinian participation in the Knesset, the rise and demise of the Joint List and the curious case of an Islamist party embracing Netanyahu.
What are the main challenges that Palestinian citizens of Israel face in terms of leadership? What opportunities exist in the current political context to gain visibility and overcome geo-political fragmentation with those in the West Bank and Gaza?
 Civil Society
With so much to tackle in the struggle for Palestinian rights, some question why time and energy should be invested in developing the Palestinian narrative and discourse. Al-Shabaka analyst Amjad Iraqi argues that a unified narrative and discourse is essential to the struggle’s success and outlines its key elements and strategic potential.
Why is a collective narrative important to the Palestinian liberation struggle? What challenges do the Palestinian people face in promoting their narrative, and who has legitimacy to promulgate it?
Israelis speculate whether the latest developments in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption scandals mark the beginning of his political demise. It is troubling, especially to Palestinians, that if these corruption cases are the harbinger of Netanyahu’s downfall, they will have had nothing to do with the more egregious crimes for which he is responsible, and for which he has yet to be held accountable.
Al-Shabaka Amjad Iraqi
Amjad Iraqi· Mar 11, 2018