Nadim Nashif

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Nadim Nashif has worked with youth issues and community development for 20 years. He founded and coordinated the youth wing of the Arab National Democratic Assembly political party before becoming Director at the Committee for Educational Guidance for Arab students. In 2001 he founded Baladna, the Association for Arab Youth, and has worked as its Director to the present day. Baladna aims to give Arab Palestinian youth in Israel the skills and resources to effect positive changes in their communities and society. He has also served on the Board of several Palestinian and international NGOs, including Ittijah and Youth Action for Peace, which he served as President.

Commentary Civil Society

Palestinian Citizens in Israel: A Fast-Shrinking Civic Space

The New Year brought further attacks against the Palestinian citizens in Israel’s rights to exercise freedom of speech and association. Left-wing Israeli Jewish organizations are also under increasing pressure. Al-Shabaka policy members Nadim Nashif and Raya Naamneh analyze the impact of these attacks by both the Israeli government and right wing organizations espousing an extremist ideology.

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