Ayah Abubasheer

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Ayah Abubasheer holds a Master’s degree in Global Politics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She has published articles at Electronic Intifada, Palestine Chronicle, Mondoweiss and Middle East Eye.

Focus Politics

Focus On: Gaza

World attention has refocused on Gaza since the Palestinians imprisoned there for more than a decade began their peaceful “Great March of Return” on March 30. In this collection of publications, Al-Shabaka analysts review the conditions and developments of the past decade to address the most important political and economic issues informing the current situation.

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Roundtable Politics

Gaza is Headed for a Deeper Political and Humanitarian Crisis

gaza political humanitarian crisis

The Gaza Strip’s grim reality has lately worsened with the likely loss of its beleaguered ally and donor, Qatar, and a severe electricity shortage inflicted by Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Gaza-based Al-Shabaka Policy Analysts Haidar Eid and Ayah Abubasheer examine the political ramifications of these developments, as well as their grave impact on Gazans’ daily life.

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Roundtable Politics

Under Siege: Remembering Leningrad, Surviving Gaza

Photo of boy in Gaza ruins

Jews and others under Leningrad’s 2.5-year siege ate wallpaper for its potato starch glue. In Gaza’s siege with no end, Palestinians die quickly under Israel’s bombs or slowly under its tight controls on food, services and even books. Al-Shabaka Policy Member Ayah Bashir and Guest Author Esther Rappaport communicate the impact of the siege of Gaza in a unique format, a must-read for both policy-maker and concerned public.

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