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Fadi Quran

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Fadi Quran is a Senior Campaigner at Avaaz and a Popular Struggle community organizer. He previously served as UN Advocacy Officer with Al-Haq’s legal research and advocacy unit. Apart from his work in advocacy and international law, Fadi is also an entrepreneur in the alternative energy field, where he has founded two companies bringing wind and solar energy to Palestine and other countries in the region. Fadi holds degrees in Physics and International Relations from Stanford University.

Policy Circle Politics

Upending the Palestinian Leadership: The Role of Youth

Though prospects for self-determination appear hopeless under the current Palestinian leadership, Al-Shabaka analyst Fadi Quran argues that a new generation of young leaders is emerging with the potential to achieve Palestinian liberation. He outlines their challenges and opportunities in light of past leadership trends in this contribution to Al-Shabaka’s Policy Circle on Leadership and Accountability.

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Roundtable Politics

Obama’s Last Gasp on Palestine-Israel

Obama Palestine-Israel

Once the US elections drama concludes, some believe Barack Obama will seize a final opportunity to act on Palestine-Israel. In this roundtable, Al-Shabaka policy analysts debate the probability of such a step, what form it could take, possible pitfalls, and what Palestinians should be doing to further their quest for freedom, equality, and self-determination.

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