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Joanna Springer

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Joanna Springer is a researcher on development policy and governance reform in the Middle East.  She has carried out research and worked for local organizations in Morocco, Qatar and the West Bank.  Currently, Joanna is research advisor for a rule of law advancement project in the Arab Gulf.  She holds a Master’s of Public Policy and Administration from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a focus in economic development.

Focus Politics

Focus On: 25 Years of Oslo

In this compilation Al-Shabaka’s top analysts dissect the Accords’ political and economic dimensions and discuss their repercussions for Palestinians while also providing recommendations on ways forward.

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Commentary Politics

Pope Francis, American Churches, and Palestinian Rights

pope francis, palestine, palestinian

Pope Francis has attracted attention for his support of causes the establishment ignores, including the rights of the Palestinian people. And yet the US Catholic Church lags behind other American churches. Al-Shabaka’s Grace Said and Joanna Springer take advantage of the Pope’s US trip to challenge his church to go further.

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Policy Brief Economics

Building a Failed State: Palestine’s Governance and Economy Delinked

Palestinian children stand near olive press during producing olive oil in Gaza city on Oct. 12,2012 during the olive harvesting season.

Technical solutions shorn of political context have contributed to a failed state in Palestine and harmed the collective Palestinian struggle for freedom, transforming the Palestinian Authority into an NGO-like body.  Al-Shabaka Policy Member Ibrahim Shikaki and Guest Author Joanna Springer analyze the situation and suggest alternative approaches for the PA and the donor community. Read the policy brief or the executive summary.

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