Khalil Shaheen

Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Khalil Shaheen is a Palestinian Journalist, media expert, researcher, and well-known political and media analyst. He is currently the director of research and policies and board member at Masarat - The Palestine Center for Policy Research and Strategic studies in Ramallah. Since 1981, he has served as a journalist, editor and researcher at several institutions, newspapers and magazines in Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Jordan and Palestine, since 1981. His articles and policy studies are widely published.

Focus Politics

Focus On: Gaza

World attention has refocused on Gaza since the Palestinians imprisoned there for more than a decade began their peaceful “Great March of Return” on March 30. In this collection of publications, Al-Shabaka analysts review the conditions and developments of the past decade to address the most important political and economic issues informing the current situation.

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Policy Memo Politics

Pitfalls of the Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation

fatah hamas reconciliation

The Fatah-Hamas reconciliation may sound like a breakthrough, but many questions remain. If the reconciliation is done in an incomplete way, its longer-term effects may be more devastating to Palestinians than what they experience today. Al-Shabaka Analyst Khalil Shaheen explains.

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Roundtable Politics

Palestinian Youth Revolt: Any Role for Political Parties?

Palestinian parties remain entrenched in the political system despite their splits and weaknesses. What role can they play within - or outside - the PLO and what other avenues exist for national or local leadership? While some Al-Shabaka policy analysts offer ideas beyond the current political set-up, others suggest ways to make the current structure work.

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