Yara Hawari

Yara Hawari is the Palestine Policy Fellow of Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network. She completed her PhD in Middle East Politics at the University of Exeter. Her research focused on oral history projects and memory politics, framed more widely within Indigenous Studies. Yara taught various undergraduate courses at the University of Exeter and continues to work as a freelance journalist, publishing for various media outlets, including Al Jazeera English, Middle East Eye and the Independent.

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The EU and Jerusalem: The Potential for Pushback

Though the EU routinely fails to transcend statements of condemnation and implement international law regarding Palestinian rights, there is potential for it to hold Israel to account. In light of the US embassy move, Al-Shabaka’s Yara Hawari considers the status of Jerusalem and offers ways the EU can induce Israel to respect the rights of the city’s Palestinian inhabitants.

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The EU Must Fight the US Embassy Move to Jerusalem

In the face of the US embassy move, Al-Shabaka Policy Fellow Yara Hawari argues that the European Union remains one of the few spaces left to pursue Palestinian rights in the international arena. She proposes immediate steps the EU can take to uphold its commitments to Palestinians, including boycotting diplomatic meetings and functions at the new US embassy.

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Israel’s Relentless Land Grabs: How Palestinians Resist

The “Great Return March” in Gaza is the latest chapter of Palestinian sacrifice and resistance to Israel’s expropriation of land and denial of the right of return. Al-Shabaka policy fellow Yara Hawari reviews Israel’s relentless drive for land on both sides of the Green Line and the many forms of Palestinian resistance and sets out ways to bolster that resistance.

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Focus On: When Does It Become Apartheid?

apartheid palestine israel

Does Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people constitute apartheid? And is apartheid the best framework to apply to Palestine and the Palestinians to achieve freedom, justice, and equality? As 2018 marks 70 years since the Nakba - or catastrophe - began, this collection of Al-Shabaka analysis over the years helps shed light on the debate.

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Apartheid from Within? The Palestinian Citizens of Israel

The term apartheid is often used to refer to the situation of the Palestinians under occupation. Al-Shabaka Policy Fellow Yara Hawari examines the application of the term to the Palestinian citizens of Israel by focusing on citizenship, land, education, and politics. She also discusses whether such analysis can advance this community’s rights and counter fragmentation among Palestinians as a whole.

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Don’t Historicize the Balfour Declaration: The Past is Still the Palestinians’ Present

UK Britain Israel Palestine

In the wake of the British elections, Al-Shabaka Policy Analyst Yara Hawari examines how the newfound weakness of the Conservative Party provides Palestinians with an opportunity to use the upcoming centennial of the Balfour Declaration to address Britain’s century of ill-treatment toward the Palestinians, and offers recommendations regarding the kind of apology Palestinians should demand from the UK.

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