Palestinian resistance continues across our homeland today. In Jerusalem, Zionist state forces and settlers are encroaching onto the Al-Aqsa Mosque grounds and Damascus Gate, two of the last civic spaces in the city for Palestinians. Daily over the course of Ramadan, Palestinians have made it clear that they will defend their sacred spaces and city and have been facing off with militarized Israeli police and armed and violent settlers.

These events bring back memories of the events of May 2021 that sparked the Unity Intifada. Apartheid Israel is traumatizing the Gaza Strip with more bombing assaults, not even a full year since the war on Gaza when Israel killed over 270 Palestinians.

What we do know if that revolution is a process, not an event. We are joined by Jalal Abukhater, Jerusalem-based writer, and Yara Hawari, policy analyst with Al-Shabaka, to discuss what is happening in Palestine right now.


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Yara Hawari is Al-Shabaka's co-director. She previously served as the Palestine policy fellow and senior analyst. Yara completed her PhD in Middle East Politics at...
Monday, Apr 25, 2022

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