On November 1, while the US was preparing for the midterm elections, Israeli citizens elected the most overtly racist parliament in the country’s history. Now, as politicians quibble over ministerial posts, declare war on human rights defenders and further entrench Jewish supremacy across Israel-Palestine, those on the frontlines of the struggle for a just future in the region are bracing for the long road ahead.

In this webinar by Just Vision, Local Call and +972 Magazine we discussed some of the key questions Palestinians and Israelis are facing following the elections, including: What do we know thus far about the policy agenda of the expected coalition government and its impact on marginalized communities? What is the future of Palestinian mobilization inside Israel? How is the new far right different from previous rightwing governments? And can the Israeli anti-occupation camp regroup?

We heard from Amjad Iraqi , editor and writer at +972 Magazine and policy analyst at the think tank Al-Shabaka, and Meron Rapoport, editor at Local Call and an award-winning investigative journalist. The conversation was moderated by Haggai Matar, Executive Director of 972 - Advancement of Citizen Journalism, and Suhad Babaa, Executive Director of Just Vision.


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Mohammed Hamarsha is Al-Shabaka’s Communications Specialist. He is a journalist with extensive experience working for international news outlets and media organizations in various capacities, covering...
Monday, Dec 5, 2022

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