Press Release

Jerusalem: A City for All?

The legal, bureaucratic, and physical manifestations of racism are often just complex enough to seem invisible or accidental (at least to those not directly affected). The 2020 municipal plan for Jerusalem pulled back the curtain a little when it explicitly set out a "demographic target of 60% Jews and 40% Arabs." Visualizing Palestine's latest visual untangles a complex web of discriminatory Israeli policies and practices connected to this goal.

Today, Visualizing Palestine shares a new data visualization to illustrate the critical data that demonstrates how these policies disadvantage the Palestinian population while benefiting Jewish Israeli citizens.

About the initiative: Six Palestinian civil society organizations (CAC- Al-Quds University, JLAC, the Society of St. Yves, Al-Haq, BADIL and Al-Shabaka) collaborated with Visualizing Palestine to create a series of visuals on the situation in East Jerusalem. The graphics aim at raising awareness of Israel’s apartheid policies in the city, its effects on the Palestinian population, and the gross violations of international humanitarian and human rights law that arise.


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