Weeam Hammoudeh

Al-Shabaka Weeam Hammoudeh

Dr. Weeam Hammoudeh is Assistant Professor at Birzeit University’s Institute of Community and Public Health. She holds a PhD and MA in Sociology from Brown University, and an MPH in Community and Public Health from Birzeit University. Her work focuses on understanding how political and social transformations impact health, psychosocial wellbeing, health and social systems, and population processes, particularly in Palestine. She has been involved in research projects on different topics, including youth mental health and wellbeing, adolescent refugee girls’ health, deprivation, and mental health, and health system preparedness in the COVID-19 response. 

Yara Asi

Al-Shabaka Yara Asi

Dr. Yara M. Asi is an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida in the School of Global Health Management and Informatics. Her research agenda focuses on global health, human rights, and development in fragile populations. She is a Non-resident Fellow at the Arab Center Washington DC, a 2020-2021 Fulbright US Scholar to the West Bank, the Fall 2021 US Fellow at Al Shabaka Palestinian Policy Network, and the co-chair of the Palestine Health Justice Working Group in the American Public Health Association. Along with working at one of the first accountable care organizations in the United States, she has also worked with Amnesty International USA and the Palestinian American Research Center on policy and outreach issues. She has presented at multiple national and international conferences on topics related to global health, food security, health informatics, and women in healthcare, and has published extensively on health and well-being in fragile and conflict-affected populations in journal articles and book chapters. Her work has also been featured in The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Nation, +972 Magazine, The Conversation, Al Jazeera, The World, and other outlets. Her forthcoming book with Johns Hopkins University Press will examine war as a public health crisis.

Osama Tanous

Al-Shabaka Osama Tanous

Al-Shabaka Member Osama Tanous is a specialized pediatrician based in Haifa. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health and is a researcher for the Galilee Society: The Arab National Society for Health, Research and Services. Osama is a 2020 candidate for the Fulbright Hubert Humphrey fellowship in public health and health policies. His research interests include structural violence and health disparities.

Noura Mansour

Al-Shabaka Noura Mansour

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Noura Mansour is a Palestinian educator, writer, activist and community organizer, from Acre city. She studied Political Science and Education and received masters in International Relations from Haifa University. Noura has been involved in development and community work with NGOs in Jerusalem, West Bank and Palestine 48. She has worked with international NGOs and solidarity movements in Korea and Australia where she is now based and works in the Education sector. Noura is also a debate trainer and has taught and trained in many international forums in Asia, Middle East, Europe and Australia.

Mezna Qato

Al-Shabaka Mezna Qato

Mezna Qato is completing her DPhil in History from St. Antony’s College, Oxford, on the history of educational regimes for Palestinians.

Mohammed al-Khaldi

Al-Shabaka Mohammed al-Khaldi

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Mohammed Al-Khaldi is from the Gaza Strip and holds a Master of Health policy and Management from Al-Quds University-Abu Dis in 2012. He has been in Switzerland working on his PhD in Health Policy and Research at the Swiss TPH since September 2014. He previously worked as a lecturer and researcher at colleges and research institutes in Palestine and Switzerland and is also a consultant on different programs in development and relief, and training and research projects for the governmental, NGO and international agencies sectors.

Mohammed Al-Rozzi

Al-Shabaka Mohammed Al-Rozzi

Mohammed Alruzzi is a Lecturer in Childhood Studies at the University of Bristol, the UK. He earned his PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Before that, he completed his Master’s degree in Childhood Studies at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Alruzzi has worked with many international non-governmental organisations and UN agencies, including Mercy Corps, Terre des Hommes, the Norwegian Refugee Council, World Vision and UNICEF. Through his work experience, Mohammed has developed extensive multidisciplinary expertise in children issues. His research interests include child labour, child detention and education policy.

Layth Hanbali

Al-Shabaka Layth Hanbali

Layth Hanbali is a freelance consultant focusing on health policy. He has also worked as a researcher, public health practitioner, and doctor, volunteered as a civil society organiser, and taught on several Global Health programmes. He earned a Master’s degree in Health Policy, Planning and Financing from the London School of Economics and Political Science and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and a medical degree and a bachelor’s degree in Global Health from University College London.

Linah al-Banna

Linah al-Banna is a Child Psychologist at the Kennedy Krieger Institute.