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Mariam Barghouti and Ibrahim Fraihat join host Yara Hawari to discuss how the latest Israeli attacks and assassinations in Jenin, Gaza and Nablus are part of a wider Israeli strategy to crush Palestinian armed resistance.
Have Arab states abandoned the Palestinian people? In this policy lab, Al-Shabaka analysts Tareq Baconi and Ibrahim Fraihat join host Nur Arafeh to weigh in on the historical understanding of normalization, implications of the UAE-Israel agreement and other normalization developments across the region, and ways forward for Palestinians in light of these changing dynamics.
Trump's efforts to bolster the Palestinian economy in lieu of concrete political action are part of a long history of initiatives designed to forfeit Palestinian rights under the guise of "economic peace."
Progressive political analysts often critique Arab states for abandoning the Palestinian struggle for liberation. This roundtable, facilitated by Al-Shabaka Policy Analyst Nadine Naber and with contributions from Al-Shabaka Policy Analysts Ibrahim Fraihat, Loubna Qutami, and Sherene Seikaly, interrogates this critique, offering nuanced perspectives on whether and to what extent Arab states have abandoned or compromised the Palestinian cause.
The October 2018 murder of Jamal Khashoggi by agents of the Saudi government in Istanbul brought into sharp relief the deepening relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel: Israel had supplied Pegasus spyware to the Saudi government, which it used to surveille Khashoggi, and two of the Saudi aides that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) fired for playing a role in the murder had been part of clandestine Saudi outreach toward Israel, including efforts to soften Israel’s image in the Saudi press.
Al-Shabaka Ibrahim Fraihat
Ibrahim Fraihat· Feb 7, 2019