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With the recent US congressional push for normalization deals between Arab states and the Israeli regime under the Abraham Accords, the voices of US and Arab dissenters from the streets of San Francisco, Washington, DC, Manama, Dubai, and beyond, have been largely silenced in mainstream media outlets.
With the rise in global solidarity with Palestinians since the May 2021 Unity Intifada, United States policymakers and activists are calling for conditioning and halting US military aid to Israel. Al-Shabaka’s US policy fellow, Nadya Tannous, examines this shifting tide and offers recommendations for how policymakers, lobbyists, and the international community can seize on this historic moment in the defense of Palestinian rights.
Al-Shabaka Nadya Tannous
Nadya Tannous· Sep 14, 2021
Nadya Tannous joins host Yara Hawari to discuss US military aid to Israel and its vital role in sustaining the colonial project in Palestine as well as in shaping US’s imperial and capitalist interests in the Middle East.