Article - Strategizing Anti-Normalization from the Gulf to Capitol Hill

With the recent US congressional push for normalization deals between Arab states and the Israeli regime under the Abraham Accords, the voices of US and Arab dissenters from the streets of San Francisco, Washington, DC, Manama, Dubai, and beyond, have been largely silenced in mainstream media outlets. What do these deals signify for the Arab residents of normalizing states? How can their voices be amplified within the context of increasingly authoritarian rule? What does a transnational anti-normalization campaign from the halls of the US Congress to the streets of Manama look like?

To reflect on these questions and more, Al-Shabaka’s Commissioning Editor, Nadim Bawalsa, is joined by anti-normalization activists, Nadya Tannous and Sumaya Almajdoub, in the latest installment of Al-Shabaka’s policy lab series.

Nadim Bawalsa is Associate Editor with the Journal of Palestine Studies. From 2020-2023, Nadim served as Al-Shabaka’s commissioning editor. He is a historian of modern...
Nadya Tannous was Al-Shabaka's summer 2021 visiting US policy fellow. She is a passionate community organizer, born and raised in the Bay Area (Ohlone Territory)....
With: Sumaya Almajdoub

Latest Analysis

Mainstream media coverage of the genocide in Gaza throughout the West has highlighted not only deep biases in favor of the Israeli regime, but also the ease in which Palestinians are dehumanized. In this commentary, Yara Hawari details Israel’s strategy to strip Palestinians of their humanity in the public realm, as well as the role of Western media in advancing Israel’s aims. She reveals consistent patterns of journalistic malpractice since October 7, 2023, and concludes that the Western outlets are inescapably complicit in the Israeli regime’s genocide against the Palestinian people of Gaza.
Al-Shabaka Yara Hawari
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Disinformation is being produced at industrial scale by official Israeli sources to justify its ongoing genocide in Gaza. Journalists and open-source intelligence analysts have only added fuel to this fire of Palestinian dehumanization by propping up the false news without necessary scrutiny. In his latest policy brief, Tariq Kenney-Shawa delves into Israel’s information warfare tactics, exploring how these efforts have contributed to the decay of truth and how they hamper efforts to organize a global response. He offers recommendations for reporters, analysts, and the wider public to leverage open-source tools to refute dominant Israeli propaganda and disinformation.
Al-Shabaka Tariq Kenney-Shawa
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Since the assault on Gaza began in October, 2023, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been killed, injured, or missing, likely buried under the rubble of their homes or shelters. Nearly two million Palestinians in Gaza have been displaced, with cold, thirst, and hunger ravaging the entire population. While the world deliberates on the technicalities of genocide, Israeli colonization of the West Bank and disruption to Palestinian life there has only accelerated.
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