Hazem Jamjoum

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Hazem Jamjoum is a graduate student in Modern Middle East History at New York University. His writing has focused on political-economy approaches to Israeli colonialism and Palestinian elite formation, and critiques of partition-based conflict management "solutions," among other areas.

Policy Circle Politics

Reclaiming the Political Dimension of the Palestinian Narrative

In this over-arching piece, Jamjoum reviews the importance and use of “narrative” by liberation movements, assesses the impact of Oslo on the Palestinian narrative, and takes a hard look at the pros and cons of civil society’s rights-based approaches with special attention to the depoliticization of the Palestinian narrative.

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Focus Politics

Focus On: When Does It Become Apartheid?

apartheid palestine israel

Does Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people constitute apartheid? And is apartheid the best framework to apply to Palestine and the Palestinians to achieve freedom, justice, and equality? As 2018 marks 70 years since the Nakba - or catastrophe - began, this collection of Al-Shabaka analysis over the years helps shed light on the debate.

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Focus Refugees

Focus On: Palestinian Refugees

This collection of some of the most compelling pieces Al-Shabaka has published contextualizes and discusses the unique difficulties of Palestinian refugees displaced across the Middle East – from becoming refugees a second or third time due to the ongoing Syrian civil war to over-researching camps “famous” for tragedy while under-researching other refugee situations and exile communities.

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