Al-Shabaka Policy Brief Muna Dajani

Drying Palestine: Israel’s Systemic Water War

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Al-Shabaka Policy Brief Omar Shaban

Honor the Victims: Avoid Past Mistakes in Reconstructing Gaza

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Al-Shabaka Commentary
Aimee Shalan
Samer Abdelnour

Another Casualty of Israel’s Wars: Palestinians’ Right to Education

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Al-Shabaka Commentary Mayssun Succarie

Bartering Palestine for Research

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On Thursday, 10 July, 2014, Al-Shabaka interviewed two advisors from its policy network about Israel's latest attacks on the Gaza Strip and the current possibilities for Palestinians to gain freedom and equality. Listen here to Samah Sabawi and Haidar Eid.

Media & Outreach

1 September 2014
Analysis by Victor Kattan

As Israel's war on Gaza reignites debates on the ICC's potential role, Al-Shabaka advisor Victor Kattan weighs all of Mahmoud Abbas's options for joining the ICC, noting what should be one of Abbas's top priorities: ensure that one permanent member of the UN Security Council would veto any resolution that defers ICC investigation and prosecution for war crimes...

"There are various options open to President Abbas with respect to joining the ICC.

27 August 2014
Opinion by Samah Sabawi

The Palestinian people, who have shown incredible patience, steadfastness and sacrifice in the pursuit of their freedom, won the war on Gaza.