Al-Shabaka Commentary Khalil Nakhleh

Oslo: Replacing Liberation with Economic Neo-Colonialism

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Al-Shabaka Commentary Zachariah Sammour

An Illegitimate Leadership Can Sign Away Rights

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Al-Shabaka Policy Brief Noura Erakat

What Role for Law in the Palestinian Struggle for Liberation?

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Al-Shabaka Commentary Fateh Azzam

NGOs vs. Grassroots Movements: A False Dichotomy

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A powerful group of Palestinian capitalists is thriving in the occupied Palestinian territory even as most of the population is struggling to survive. Too often, they owe their wealth to economic collaboration with Israel. Drawing on recent research, Al-Shabaka Policy Member Tariq Dana analyzes the ways in which these "crony capitalists" influence policy, use indebtedness for social control, and normalize the occupation. Click below for the full brief or read the executive summary.

Media & Outreach

27 March 2014
Analysis by Jacqueline Sansour

Energy production and distribution are a case-in-point of "increasing forced Palestinian dependence on Israel," explains Al-Shabaka's Commissioning Editor Jacqueline Sansour. "As a [U.S.] taxpayer, I want Americans' $600 million-a-year contribution to the Palestinian Authority (PA) to help end this occupation, not make it easier for Palestinians to endure it." Sansour's study is also a guide to several other Al-Shabaka-exclusive critiques on the Palestinians and their embargoed energy resources.

4 March 2014

Al-Shabaka Policy Member Nidal Sliman and Guest Author Valentina Azarov talk about the analysis behind their policy brief, "Activating Palestine's UNESCO Membership."