Al-Shabaka Policy Brief
Sabrien Amrov
Alaa Tartir

After Gaza, What Price Palestine’s Security Sector?

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Al-Shabaka Commentary Randa Farah

What Forces Shape the Palestinians of Gaza?

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Al-Shabaka Policy Brief Muna Dajani

Drying Palestine: Israel’s Systemic Water War

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Al-Shabaka Commentary
Aimee Shalan
Samer Abdelnour

Another Casualty of Israel’s Wars: Palestinians’ Right to Education

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Israel’s third war on Gaza has been the worst. A greater death toll, the compounded effects of a seven-year-long siege, plus unaddressed damage from previous wars will make it far more difficult to reconstruct. Ahead of the international donors conference planned for September, Policy Advisor Omar Shaban sets out the short- and medium-term needs and argues that an end to the siege of Gaza and the participation of Gaza-based stakeholders is crucial if the reconstruction process is to succeed.

Media & Outreach

16 October 2014
Opinion by Nadia Hijab

"Britain’s House of Commons and the prime minister of Sweden recognized a Palestinian state in order to support Palestinian rights … European recognition of a Palestinian state could well pressure Israel to behave in accordance with international law. But whatever the ultimate outcome, one state or two, you can’t go wrong with rights."

11 October 2014
"Had donors been serious about supporting a meaningful political process, they would not have excluded Hamas, the real political power in Gaza, from participation at the Cairo Conference … Donors' politicized "de-politicization" of the conflict by excluding major actors increases the potential for further factional fragmentation."