Al-Shabaka Commentary Mayssun Succarie

Bartering Palestine for Research

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Al-Shabaka Policy Brief
Vivien Sansour
Alaa Tartir

Palestinian Farmers: A Last Stronghold of Resistance

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Al-Shabaka Commentary Mouin Rabbani

Israel’s West Bank Operation: Causes & Consequences

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Al-Shabaka Commentary Ahmad Diab

From Our Facebook Balconies, the Dark Heart of Al-Yarmuk

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On Thursday, 10 July, 2014, Al-Shabaka interviewed two advisors from its policy network about Israel's latest attacks on the Gaza Strip and the current possibilities for Palestinians to gain freedom and equality. Listen here to Samah Sabawi and Haidar Eid.

Media & Outreach

23 July 2014
Two Al-Shabaka policy advisors and Professor George Bisharat offer insights to the following questions in FAQ format:
  • What caused this latest outburst of violence?
  • Is Israel acting in self-defense?
  • Is Israel attacking "Hamas targets"?
  • Why has Hamas declined to accept a ceasefire?
  • Does Hamas use Palestinians as human shields?
  • Does the Israeli military take all possible precautions to prevent civilian casualties?
22 July 2014
Opinion by Osamah Khalil

“Israel's attempts to undercut Palestinian unity and the peace process may work, but they will be self-defeating … Many Palestinians were already looking past [their] discredited organizations and leaders for a new movement to achieve their rights — that will only increase. And they will find greater support internationally.”