Can Israel transfer its Palestinian population?

Revitalizing Palestinian Nationalism

Ingrid Jaradat GassnerTariq DanaAlaa Tartir

Fifty years after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, the Palestinian national movement seems to be at a crossroads. Repeated efforts to negotiate a two-state solution have faltered, and the traditional instruments of Palestinian nationalism—the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Fatah, and, since 1994, the Palestinian Authority (PA)—face crises of confidence.

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The Hamas movement accused the Palestinian Authority (PA) of “continuing its violations against Palestinians in West Bank,” in a statement on Monday, which said that two Palestinians were summoned for questioning overnight, while the PA has continued to detain several Palestinians in PA jails, denying the detainees “all of their their rights,” including the right to receive family visits, Hamas said.

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Trump ditches Jerusalem embassy promise, learns peace isn’t easy

Nadia Hijab

President Donald Trump broke one of his major foreign policy campaign promises Thursday, signing a waiver that delays the move of the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem for at least another six months — the clearest sign yet that Trump is serious about forging what he calls the “ultimate deal” in the Middle East.

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The message of the hunger strike: No power can break us

Alaa Tartir

As US president Donald Trump arrived in Israel on May 22, Palestinians declared a “day of rage” to protest his visit, and called on people around the world to participate in a one-day hunger strike in solidarity with over 1300 striking Palestinian prisoners, who have been subsisting on nothing but salt water since they declared an open-ended Dignity Strike on April 17.

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